Gang World

A recruited group of disaffected youth curried by a culture of violence coddled by a familial feeling of acceptance. That’s my definition. Global gangs. Al Qaeda kinda. ISIL definitely. No borders. No rules. Neglected kids confused by lack of identity and structure. Like those in the NFL? Inner city streets? Law enforcement? Blurred lines. A pervasive disease metastasizing.

It starts at home. Absent parenting. Role models condoning bad behavior. Institutional thuggery. Crimes defined as mistakes. Religious jihad guise. Generational danger. How do we wage a war on this? Airstrikes seem superficial.

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  1. I said it last year. The NFL has become a place where it’s okay to try and kill someone. Black or white, short to tall, big or small. Now the NFL hides behind its obvious cover up for one of its stars. I’ve always enjoyed watching football on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights. Why is it now shoved down our throats practically every day. Takes away from the good old days. The thuggery, violence and showboating when you do your job and actually tackle someone is making it very hard to continue to watch. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse and won’t change until someone does succumb to the bad new days….. Murder on the field.


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