In a bad way. Disgruntled brothers again at the core of terror in a major city. As with the Tsarnaev’s in Boston. Radicalized in Eastern Balkans. Now bereft and left out brothers Abdeslam at the heart of another siege. This time in Paris. Radicalized in Syria. But, disaffected Muslims encore.

Leaders and as always military are overthinking this as a macro geopolitical religious act of war. Nope. The Belgian brothers were not even mosque-goers but rather like the Tsarnaev’s drug users. It’s a psychology of unemployed youth who lack purpose and attach to a criminal cause. Pope Francis was right. The most lethal weapon against world peace is men without jobs.

Armies and bombs can never combat that.

False Idols

Genius journalist Richard Engel reports on the destruction of artifacts in Assyria. Modern iconoclasts’ obliteration of civilization. Bibi invades Congress as his election looms. Netanyahu is not Israel. False premise. Scott Walker likens American union workers to ISIS. Frank Underwood would be a better choice. Streaming!

As our false idols defile the culture on every cover. Kardashians. Meanwhile, American Idol does have lots of talent this season. Bon weekend.

Je Suis Candide

Charlie Hebdo Magazine killings in Paris. Lamenting those who carried the enlightened torch of Voltaire. Satire. Free speech. Pens drawn against guns of disaffected disillusioned men disguised in the guise of religion. Boredom begets indoctrination in absurdities as a rationale to commit atrocities. Another BrothersTsarnaev scenario. As Pope Francis says, jobs will obliterate these faux jihads. Economics drives our new Gang World.

On a more mundane note. 20 years since Starbucks served its first Frappuccino.

Gang World

A recruited group of disaffected youth curried by a culture of violence coddled by a familial feeling of acceptance. That’s my definition. Global gangs. Al Qaeda kinda. ISIL definitely. No borders. No rules. Neglected kids confused by lack of identity and structure. Like those in the NFL? Inner city streets? Law enforcement? Blurred lines. A pervasive disease metastasizing.

It starts at home. Absent parenting. Role models condoning bad behavior. Institutional thuggery. Crimes defined as mistakes. Religious jihad guise. Generational danger. How do we wage a war on this? Airstrikes seem superficial.


Or is it? Same critics suing Obama for abusing executive power are calling for him to go to war. Now Lone Ranger good. McCain warning against more home-grown ISIS terrorist converts named McCain. Oops. What strategy does that fit?

Contradictions abound on both sides of the debate. It’s that pesky gray area again. We need bad guys in one country so we can invade it. That was so 20th Century. Should have left the tyrants alone. Krauthammer calls Prez’s foreign policy adolescently naïve. Like Mission Accomplished?