Sinko de Mayo

The sinking of America. Bushes won’t participate in the election. Their adopted son Bill’s wife is running. Despite the fact that their real son was planning to run against her. Who would they have preferred? Jebra or H-Rod. Wow. Paul Ryan isn’t quite ready to endorse El Trumpo. Until he unifies the party. Despite the fact that he won the latest primaries by landslides. Romney won’t go to the convention. That’ll be a blow to the empty chair.

So. Joe. Who’d you rather. Hillary’s cackle. Or. Donald’s hair. Bon weekend.

Family First

A lofty level of fathers making career decisions to put family first. From Joe Biden’s need to take care of his clan as they grieve led him to leave the Presidency on the table. Paul Ryan’s conditional acceptance of the Speaker role to see his kids on weekends sets him apart from the pack. Proof that personal priorities for both genders make work/life balance rough. Only if you are in demand, can you make demands. Woman or man. Otherwise, tough.

Speaking of Familia. Murphy Ruth. Mets! Wow. Rout. Sorry. McFly.

Gang World

A recruited group of disaffected youth curried by a culture of violence coddled by a familial feeling of acceptance. That’s my definition. Global gangs. Al Qaeda kinda. ISIL definitely. No borders. No rules. Neglected kids confused by lack of identity and structure. Like those in the NFL? Inner city streets? Law enforcement? Blurred lines. A pervasive disease metastasizing.

It starts at home. Absent parenting. Role models condoning bad behavior. Institutional thuggery. Crimes defined as mistakes. Religious jihad guise. Generational danger. How do we wage a war on this? Airstrikes seem superficial.

Upper West Side Trek

photo 3-3Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Full circle. Things happen. Times change. Downtown reigns. Back again.  photo 2-4

The Mermaid Inn. Jackson Hole. Elizabeth’s Table. Momoya. All wonderful in their own ways. Vibrant, fresh, friendly.

Hotels are a test. NYLO pet-friendly. Allergy hell. After a night of 3 pills and a sock over my face, had to check out, but full refund. Last minute respite at old fave Excelsior Hotel . One suite left. No pets, no sprays. Good night’s sleep. Yay.

And you never know who you’ll run into at Tarallucci. A cool cat who should get a modeling gig. Jobs are good. IMG_0289

SideTrek Summer

It’s Summer SideTrek time. Happy 4th! Fun things to read, cook and do:

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Side Bar

Talk to the judge. Every time she says “approach” we go to commercial break. Sidebar obsession. Jodi Arias’s court show has consumed my brain. O.J. trial was tame by comparison. Or, I’m just hallucinating, anesthetized by a polyurethane haze. Fumes aloft are feeding my stupor. When Dr.Husband gets “19th Century Authors” answer in Final Jeopardy and I don’t, synapses are not connecting. Hope it’s a temporary phase. But, hardwood floors do look better.

Sister JeanJean came to my rescue and dragged me into the fresh air at Chesterfield Gorge  yesterday. Gorge-ous early Spring glistening white water flow. So, can’t even blame stop at a real bar for this butt post.