Wolf Treks

Local newspaper, Daily Hampshire Gazette, has taken to putting headlines above each obituary. This one caught my eye the other day, “Helen Lavalle, 94, advised Elizabeth Taylor”.  Amongst her many jobs, Helen was a waitress at the former Williams House, where “she was the only waitress who could tell Elizabeth Taylor that one lobster was enough.” Therein lies her illustrious advisory career.

Ms. Taylor was here at Smith College in the 60’s filming “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, assume that’s when she may have tried to indulge in local lobster binge-ing. Of course, the old Williams House was famous for its haute cuisine brought to the Valley by Jim Wolf, both featured in Table’s Edge.

Good news, Alice Waters is coming to television, the pioneer of green cuisine actually started the notion that real food is better than all the processed crap we were brought up on. We do need new cooking people on t.v., cannot stand Rachel, Paula, Emeril. Now that aging hair and skin have been covered, it’s time to talk diets. Shorts season is upon us. I have gone back to actually skipping dinner, rather than pretending to skip dinner, and it’s helped. Last night’s Final Jeopardy was about Danielle Steel’s book “The Ghost”. It’s the only Steel book I’ve ever read, really. But, it was well researched about the French-Indian-Anglo skirmishes around Deerfield, Ma. It was fun and I learned stuff.

6 thoughts on “Wolf Treks

  1. I did not know about that book The Ghost; sounds like a good summer beach / plane book. That time and place in American history is very interesting.


  2. I agree–my best last meal of the day would be at 5pm if I could- hungriest at lunch .
    Think it is the healthiest way to dine.

    Also don’t like any of the chefs on tv-not inspiring.

    Have to admit to guilty pleasure when travelling- Danielle Steel novels though tempted to rip the covers off in public.


  3. Heard this on the radio when driving in western MASS:
    ‘Logger killed in freak accident when tree falls on him. An autopsy has been scheduled to determine cause of death.’
    Oh dear.


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