Carol Colitti Levine – I Heart Men

I “heart” men. There I said it. I think they get a bad rap. It started with The Berenstain Bears series. Wife and kids ridicule the ever silly things Dad does. Look at most current TV commercials. Wife wiltingly indulges her dolt of a husband’s feeble attempts at one thing or another. Kids giggle as Mom makes him feel bad by doing it better. They give him a look of pity and derision. Women who make jokes about how lame men are. Do they have sons? Why make it us vs. them? Men are not perfect. Neither are women. Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus. Bottom line. It’s about the person, not the gender.

Aside from that, Nancy and Bronco celebrated her bday together in Boise. Welcome to all you Facebook people. Love to have your book, movie, political, restaurant, recipe ideas here!  Oh, yeah and Phippy still can’t putt.

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