Friday Asides- Comings, Goings

Fitting Tribute– hundreds gathered in Manhattan on Wednesday to honor the life of Jordan Nager.  It is widely reported that his daughter Alison delivered a remarkably poignant eulogy – soon she will deliver a living legacy.

NYU gang heading off to San Juan for spring break… “real housewives of nyc” fans to dine Sunday in their ‘hood… indoor deli picnic Saturday with Betsey chez kittay… old girl to hit young spot in East Village…Agawam baseball star college hunting in Worcester… Stonehill tennis captain gearing up for her spring season in Florida…recent UMASS grad celebrating in Costa Rica while bro gets tonsils out at Baystate… Goddess and G colliding at Liquors44… GemQueen happening upon Lyd & daughter at Bouchon bakery Time Warner (only in NY)

CandyPantsRant:  Tickle-me-Massa visits Glennbeckistan- dueling lunatics – must see TV.

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  1. The sidetrek made it’s debut at the Jordan Nager shiva. Alison read outloud the nice words above. Thanks to Candypants for all the warm wishes!!! Sidetrek rules!!


  2. Your tribute to Jordan…So nicely said and so glad to hear it was shared with all. Evidence that his spirit is living on.

    Sisters sledge taking Baystate Medical by storm.
    Watch out ER. She’s baaaack.


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