ETreks- Vintage Fashion and…

“Valentino, the Last Emperor” on Showtime TV.  Recommended by “Shadow”.  He is not a typical fashionista, so worth a look.
“Coco Avant Chanel” movie, dvd, Sony, Maria loved this story about a woman who trusted her instincts, made sacrifices, triumphed.

“NY Book Club Without the Book”: A monthly appointment at Monkey Bar, “tasty” desserts and fun.  So far this season of American Idol, yawny and baddy, so lame this year.  Olympics cross country skiing better, oy.  Idol has jumped the shark.   New Vinyasa yoga class at Brassworks in Williamsburg, MA- NY trained Peter Rizzo, Sundays 10-12.

CandyPants Rant: I hear “pitchiness” and I can’t even sing.  Sis deserves a CD, BaldGuy!

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  1. Why don’t they just sing the fuckin’ song and leave out all of the runs and the rifts and the crap. Too much “technique,” not enough good singing.

    Back to the Olympics and, God help me, free-style skiing (speaking of runs and rifts and crap).


    1. Really… he is…What, preparing his tu tu for the vinyasa yoga class with pilates back.
      I’ll show you pitchiness, mister.
      And Shamu, finally sick of being in captivity, free Simon!


  2. Shamu ate his trainer today…. If only he could have shown up in LA to est every one of these idol contestants. They all suck!!!!!!!

    Olympic moment from last night:

    Ok I cried when the Canadian skater finished! That was true guts and Olympic spirit and an amazing watch for very sad reasons


  3. Umm… I think that Joe commented on today’s blog on a blog two days ago. Which is only appropriate..
    “You are answering a question from a half an hour ago”


  4. Why?!? Am I commenting drunk?
    I thought that was quite lucid. Check your post/comments from 2 days ago. Joe is commenting on the Idol contestants… and he posted it today.
    That’s all I’m sayin’….
    And, yes, I may be drunk.


  5. drunk posting is definitely more dangerous than drunk dialing…
    Jean Jean, since when are you a Jeopardy fan not to mention Valentino (I believe it was JJ, not DH who sent in the movie review). Hot flashes do you good.


  6. Dear Editor:
    please note a needed correction-
    didn’t report”nasty” desserts at Monkey Bar but “tasty” desserts.
    4 of us meet there monthly for Bookclub without the book and just to gab. Does that remind you of a certain Bookclub in SF from many moons ago?


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