Happy EastOver!

Happy Easter. Passover. Cashews unite! Seder at Sue’s. Egg hunt in Pound Ridge with Ari Fleischer. Whaddya gonna do? Red buds blooming. Weeping cherry, too.

Will Sergio win his first major? I’m still betting on Rory. Tiger self-destructing, can he turn it around? Then there’s always Phil. Go, Freddie, still a kid at 52.

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10 Replies to “Happy EastOver!”

  1. I would LOVE to see Sergio win. I have lost all respect for Tiger. I wonder what he would think if he watched replays of his horrible inexcusable behavior. Can’t take his ego. Sorry.


    1. Freddie won 20 years ago, so that would be cool. Definitely would like to see Sergio win as well. Anybody but Phil!!!
      Speaking of EastOver, is Pedro playing at Westover today?


  2. I agree with Anne. Why is it when Tiger hits a bad shot, the club mysteriously comes flying out of his hands? He’s above making a bad shot? The mud on the ball, the ball knuckling, wind changes….. Blah, blah. He’s really is becoming an unlikable person on and off the course. The only thing is when you look back in history, many people didn’t like Jack either. I really don’t think they care and I guess if that’s the case, good for them. Fred, Rory and yes even Phil do care and I’d much rather root for people like them.


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