Tea Trekkers

32,000 Side Trekkers. Reading ‘tea leaves’ theme of the week. “When will things get back to normal?” MadMan Roger’s plaintive query. 1966.

So… 2012. Sarah will beat Katie in the ratings. Lame stream media loses either way. Cheeleaders, murders. But, hey I’m watching. Sad. Valerie Jarrett and the current Obama team needs to be replaced. Speaking of weak. Oh no! Now Beverly Hills housewives, desperation on GMA. Done. Back to Mika & Joe.

Kentucky beats Kansas. Yawwwn. Got my pink hat out. Will IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty wear a green jacket? I say not. Can’t wait for the Masters and the return of Spring weather. A little iced English breakfast tea, please. recipedetours.com

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