Saturday Matinée

NBC’s Peter Pan Live! More like Walken Dead. Christopher’s zombie impression of Cyril Ritchard’s brilliant preening and prancing original Hook. Allison Williams’ creepy Pan surrounded by fabulously made-up rejects from Broadway chorus lines. Very gay and boring all at the same time. We could see the wires.

Tiger’s back on the course. Not Lily. A little rusty still. Spieth impressive. Florida looking good on a rainy cold day. Shrimp Fra Diavolo by the fire instead.

Park Folie


Saturday in the Park. PopUp Piano Man. Warm sun.
Pure Joy. Outdoor tables ready and waiting.

Shake Shack opens.
Crowds soon gather.
Can Spring be far behind?


MadisonPark Onze it. Quatorzecourse tasting adventure.
Pricey. Priceless.

Grilled lobster lunch with friends at ABC Kitchen.
Specially good.

Roasted octopus, striped bass downtown at Colicchio and Sons.

Memories of a Mad March Birthday Weekend. Indelible.
Folie en food.

Trek Stir

JeanJean won $30 at the Saratoga track. Birthday horse came in.
Ogilvy got the ETrade account. Happier babies now. Congrats.
Motown’s Jesse Nager hugged NYGiant-Strahan. Upset JoeyPa(n)ts.
Lucky little Prince has a Grandma Carole. Like mAdBen and his cuzins.
Hope BoyGeorge won’t stutter. No matter. He’ll still give a good speech.
Carlos’ weiner not so dangerous it seems. Still won’t leave the hot dog stand. Moose loose in next town, Easthampton. Sweet squash from Merry’s Mum garden. Zucchinetti Colitti  tomorrow.

Fathers Matter

Dads are not superfluous. Paternal love and guidance matters everyday to the happiness and success of sons and daughters alike. Gary, Joe3, Philip, Ellis, Joe2, Joe1, William Patrick, Milton Strahl. Great fathers all.

Proof is in the pudding. Happy Fathers Day.

Or in the pasta. Father’s Day Colitti Spaghetti~ recipedetours

Weekend Sol

Lots of sun, son this weekend. Ben Piccata.

Taking time out from Facebook, still think it has jumped the shark. How to monetize the advertise to thirteen year-olds? Any money to be made has been. Spanish banks out of pesos. Uh, Euros. Jamie Dimon cannot intervene in every trade. Get real. They take like a nano- second. Joshua voted out, finally. Could never stand his screeching. Love Phillip ‘Cocker’. Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation collection has moved to rave reviews

Elaine’s landmark on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is sorely missed and no replacement has yet been found. Wish I could buy it. Those were the days.

Happy EastOver!

Happy Easter. Passover. Cashews unite! Seder at Sue’s. Egg hunt in Pound Ridge with Ari Fleischer. Whaddya gonna do? Red buds blooming. Weeping cherry, too.

Will Sergio win his first major? I’m still betting on Rory. Tiger self-destructing, can he turn it around? Then there’s always Phil. Go, Freddie, still a kid at 52.

Alton Brown’s sweet potato waffles, Easter menus.


OK, finally made Anne’s Spinach Pie. Hers is the classic “Spanakopita”. Italian DNA cannot help itself, so, to Anne’s great Greek basic- see RecipeDetours- I put my own twist. With 4 oz. crumbled Feta cheese, I added about 5 tbs. ricotta, part skim; substituted basil and garlic powder for dill weed. Anne suggested scoring the dough on top, which I did with success. The baby spinach worked well, most important thing is never to use frozen spinach. Dr.Husband approved. Spanakopita, Ciao!~

If you can’t get to Winnetka, Illinois to browse around Maze Home, the store with a unique palate of gifts and home furnishings, now you can shop online at Recently featured in Martha Stewart’s Living February issue.

Side Trek – Blog Spotted

Pioneer Valley newspaper Daily Hampshire Gazette featured TheSideTrek in Phoebe Mitchell’s “Blog Spotter” report. Cool! Great article. Read it here, the link works now, thanks to Noah:

‘Florence Woman Makes Mark on CNN Blog, and Her Own’. Ms. Mitchell highlighted frequent on-air Cafferty File comments, Recipe Detours, 2010 best TrekBooks and eclectic ramblings including the Hopper exhibit at the Whitney. Nod to GemQueen. Mitchell cited snarky “Skippy Hallow” post, and liked that Alicat and I fought over the neck and gizzard on Thanksgiving.

James Franco hosting Oscars, Ben’s NYU Econ Honors thesis acclaim and now this, good times. Thanks for your 14,000 visits and comment away into 2011!