OK, finally made Anne’s Spinach Pie. Hers is the classic “Spanakopita”. Italian DNA cannot help itself, so, to Anne’s great Greek basic- see RecipeDetours- I put my own twist. With 4 oz. crumbled Feta cheese, I added about 5 tbs. ricotta, part skim; substituted basil and garlic powder for dill weed. Anne suggested scoring the dough on top, which I did with success. The baby spinach worked well, most important thing is never to use frozen spinach. Dr.Husband approved. Spanakopita, Ciao!~

If you can’t get to Winnetka, Illinois to browse around Maze Home, the store with a unique palate of gifts and home furnishings, now you can shop online at Recently featured in Martha Stewart’s Living February issue.

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    1. I’ve been looking forward to being able to shop MAZE online, so unique. Plan to buy a wedding gift for friend’s daughter. Good taste is hard to find.
      E. and I miss our SF stores. Many ‘hits’ on your link.

      My talented Dr. Husband is the photographer, as he was for my magazine column.


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