Hair Say

Whose hair you’d rather? Travolta, Aniston, Bieber, Ghadfi? Salander?
UK Telegraph agrees that Noomi Rapace was robbed. She should win the Oscar for her portrayal of Lisbeth, TatooGirl. My favorite actor performance besides the obvious Colin Firth was Justin Timberlake’s in The Social Network. Speaking of the Oscars, check it out. MazeHome will participate in the swag bags. Kelsey’s ex un-real housewife of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer will be covering the red carpet for CNN. Plastic pathological people of the world unite. Great.

3 Replies to “Hair Say”

  1. Agree with you about JT. Social network was just ok and he was by far the best part of the movie. He is an incredibly talented guy. Who knows, one day he might win an Oscar. Oh and he designs golf courses when he’s not bringing sexy back….. What a life!!!!


    1. Agree movie just ok, interesting commentary though. Now, there’s a career you could love, golf course designs, give JT a call! Accenture Match Play- Tiger needs a win. Or, woods in the box.


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