Weekend Sol

Lots of sun, son this weekend. Ben Piccata. RecipeDetours.com.

Taking time out from Facebook, still think it has jumped the shark. How to monetize the advertise to thirteen year-olds? Any money to be made has been. Spanish banks out of pesos. Uh, Euros. Jamie Dimon cannot intervene in every trade. Get real. They take like a nano- second. Joshua voted out, finally. Could never stand his screeching. Love Phillip ‘Cocker’. Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation collection has moved to rave reviews

Elaine’s landmark on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is sorely missed and no replacement has yet been found. Wish I could buy it. Those were the days.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Sol

  1. great idea…..you would make a GREAT proprietress of a NYC restaurant!!
    I will be in charge of sampling the desserts.
    ps– yikes we were so young in that photo!


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