Trek Stir

JeanJean won $30 at the Saratoga track. Birthday horse came in.
Ogilvy got the ETrade account. Happier babies now. Congrats.
Motown’s Jesse Nager hugged NYGiant-Strahan. Upset JoeyPa(n)ts.
Lucky little Prince has a Grandma Carole. Like mAdBen and his cuzins.
Hope BoyGeorge won’t stutter. No matter. He’ll still give a good speech.
Carlos’ weiner not so dangerous it seems. Still won’t leave the hot dog stand.
Moose loose in next town, Easthampton.
Sweet squash from Merry’s Mum garden. Zucchinetti Colitti  tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Trek Stir

  1. Hahaha. That’s one of your best, funniest blogs ever!! Took me a minute to get JoeyPa(n)ts but you know, I’m a bit slow. Very well done!!! Everyone should google LBJ ordering pants on msnbc. Even if you don’t sell pants, worth the watch!!


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