EastOver Again

Hide the afikomen. Pastel eggs. Elijah. Easter Bunny. Happy gatherings even as crocuses are still buried under snowbanks. Dr. G’s Latkes and Strahl Brisket.
Go Michigan State!

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Another okay read from the best seller list. It wasn’t a fairy tale. Separate and parallel sagas of a French blind girl and German genius boy coming of age during WWII.  Story and style juvenile, but matured as did its two protagonists. Should have remained focused on them.

Beginning of the end of MadMen. Bon weekend.

Merry EastOver

photo-56Snow. Cold winds. Poor daffodils finally popped up, then got buried by 2 inches. Frozen latkes and chocolate bunnies.

Franco should stay off social media. Reviews for Of Mice and Men were generally very good. But apparently he didn’t like NYT. Called Ben Brantley a little bitch. Oops.

Will a Grandma be President? Happy news for Clinton Co.
Strahl Brisket Season. Merry EastOver! And bon weekend, Joe.


Buona Pasqua ~ Mangia!

Easter is another excuse to eat well. While some spend the holiday doing good works, we at home try to do good food. Our family tradition was lasagna with tiny meat balls. I used veal scaloppine instead. Holy Saturday dinner, time-honored Spring lamb. Roasted Racks and asparagus. Recipe Detours.

Mixing metaphors and flavors. We were sad to miss Passover seder in New York, where prized dishes include Strahl Brisket and matzoh ball soup alla Roberto.

Happy EastOver!

Happy Easter. Passover. Cashews unite! Seder at Sue’s. Egg hunt in Pound Ridge with Ari Fleischer. Whaddya gonna do? Red buds blooming. Weeping cherry, too.

Will Sergio win his first major? I’m still betting on Rory. Tiger self-destructing, can he turn it around? Then there’s always Phil. Go, Freddie, still a kid at 52.

Alton Brown’s sweet potato waffles, Easter menus.   recipedetours.com