Crossed Lines

School shootings no longer covered door-to-door on cable news.
So-called journalists overtly perpetuate the Trump “resistance”.
Olympic “doctor” finally brought to justice.
James Franco denied Oscar nom by disgruntled actresses.
Christopher Plummer gets Oscar nod replacing true perp.
Blurring lines. Diluting real criminal actions with creepy encounters.
New Yorkers struggle. Pats or Eagles? Neither nemesis. Alexa predicts Eagles.
As injured NFL players languish in locker rooms.

2 Replies to “Crossed Lines”

  1. Nobody likes Alexa!! I couldn’t agree more with the James Franco situation. Hmmm. For hire….Orgy scene with nudity. “Oh I want to make it in Hollywood so I’ll do it and get experience “.

    Then do it and expect that someone might actually touch you. Franco was really screwed this go round. Glad women are speaking out and 99% are probably legit but when do you draw the line?

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