Crossed Lines

School shootings no longer covered door-to-door on cable news.
So-called journalists overtly perpetuate the Trump “resistance”.
Olympic “doctor” finally brought to justice.
James Franco denied Oscar nom by disgruntled actresses.
Christopher Plummer gets Oscar nod replacing true perp.
Blurring lines. Diluting real criminal actions with creepy encounters.
New Yorkers struggle. Pats or Eagles? Neither nemesis. Alexa predicts Eagles.
As injured NFL players languish in locker rooms.

In a Nutshell

Golf Ball. President’s Cup. A yawn of vanilla look-alike Americans vs. unknown international team. Ex-Prez’s Billy, George, Barack together. Hey. It’s right across the river at Liberty National. NFL has taken a knee financially as controversy sorts itself while the real crime of physical injuries sidelined. These days it’d be good to be confined inside a nutshell.

As Hamlet lamented to Rosnecrantz and Gildenstern:  “O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.”

Ian McEwan took this as his conceit for Nutshell, a novel. Our latest book group pick. Some of us liked it more than others. A fetus’ view from the womb. Premise a bit ludicrous. Some ludic moments. A long short story that seemed meant more to expound on the global issues of his time, McEwan’s pedantic take on Mother earth being poisoned, North Korea, Iran, race, religion. Unborn nugget sees what’s wrong in his own upcoming life and the world at large.

Deuces Wild

Wild storm. Hurricane Irma dodging around Florida defying predictions. Covering the entire peninsula. Relentless. Tenacious. Meanwhile. NFL season has begun. Wobbling on whether or not to keep watching. Patriots game was riddled with injury interruptions. Half of Sunday’s pregames are dedicated to who will be benched for various broken bones, torn muscles, not to mention concussions. It has gotten close to criminal.

Speaking of risks. New York in the ’70’s. Garth Risk Hallberg’s novel City on Fire makes a fair attempt at shining a light on the dark corners of that era in the City. Tonight, HBO’s The Deuce will focus on the porn industry when Times Square was a combat zone.

Weekend Pique

GOP debate ran over 2 hours with something for everyone. New York values. Read all those Jews. Cuban values. Rubio and Cruz. With a touch of Calgary views. Then over on the other side, Dem debate looms. Will Hillary finally feel the Bern? Oh. And thank you, Donald Trump. For getting the Iranian hostages released. He has nagged Kerry about this for weeks. Plus the $150 billion.

Who can I pick for the NFL’s divisional woes. More strained egos and broken everything from shoulders to toes. No matter. Joe is distracted by another show. So. Pats are busy with off-the-field hijinks. Smith and Kansas City will mow them down. For the rest of the Pack. Not Aaron. Denver. Carolina. Arizona.

Wild Packs

So it’s come to this. An NFL playoff game win is upended by out of control gang. Cincinnati coach cannot contain his pack of wild bengals. What’s next? Scary to consider. Lowlight of a weekend of blowouts, missed chip kicks, The Pack’s experience trumping youthful exuberance. Joey3Sticks 4 for 4.

Over at the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais is the Donald Trump of Hollywood. Says anything and everything we are thinking. Got that right. And Jon Hamm. Glad about Maura Tierney. Helen the wife in The Affair. Haven’t seen the movies, winner starring a bear. Nor even the TV shows. No clue about most. Downton‘s become a bona fide soap. Lame troupes this year.

Sunday School

What happened to Sunday? It used to be devoted to going to Church. Gathering to pray in the local house of worship. Today, Americans of all denominations can be seen genuflecting in front of the big screen and the NFL. Football has kidnapped a whole day of the week. Klieg lights illuminate gigantic stadiums as altar candles flicker out.

Families gather around a communion bowl of Doritos in fervent prayer for their team to prevail. Players themselves raise their eyes toward the Lord in praise and thanks. Devoted  dance. God must love them more than the Broncos, Seahawks or Colts. On any given Sunday. Faith is powerful. So is our quarterback.