Scaffolds Scar NYC

There has been an explosion of steel scaling sides of buildings all over New York City. Restaurants. Hotels. Residential buildings. These metal webs remain installed not for months but for years. It’s a new era of blight causing claustrophobic tunnels shrouding sidewalks from the sun and blocking New York’s historical architectural beauty.

Just found out that one of our favorite Upper West Side seafood restaurants Ocean Grill  has closed. Entrance-obstructing scaffolding has left former sidewalk diners and customers at bay since 2012.

What the hell?

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  1. Ask the nice folks who live in the Endicott above Frank Stella on 81st and Columbus about the scaffolding issue. This is not a new era. It’s been going on for many decades. Johnny Mac from the Alison and Joe wedding extravaganza will tell you all about it from the late 90’s. Also ask John how it’s affecting his business at Frank Stella today. Businesses can be affected by as much as 30%. They lie and tell you it will be up for 4-6 months and then 2 years later your dead in the water. Actually had this conversation yesterday with several people. Start a campaign!! John and I will be on board!!


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