Trump Change

Hillary gave uniquely genuine performance at the Town Hall. Her confidence and uncharacteristic charisma boosted by the President’s kind words. Bernie brought some heat. They both showed passion in a rather lackluster format. Obama will meet with Sanders at the White House to balance the scales.

The story of the day is Trump’s petulant refusal to join the Thursday debate on FOX. Megyn Kelly as host a jab, then Roger Ailes poked the beast. Amped up the snark to which Donald said screw you. His rules. What will he do?

2 Replies to “Trump Change”

  1. I’m actually afraid to point this out…. You have such interesting plays on words. I think I actually caught you for the first time ever with a typo. See above. What he will he do? I’ve been trying to figure out if it is indeed a typo or another play on words. Please help me as I’m hoping I’m wrong and you’ll explain. If not, Ha!!!!!! Gotcha!! First time ever!!!! Woo hoo!!!!


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