Scaffolding Scourge Scars UWS

When I moved back to the Upper West Side in 2016, ubiquitous scaffolding was the most jarring change I saw to my former ‘hood. Yes. From the 1960’s to 1980’s there were some pretty skeevy streets above 69th. But. At least the mom & pop shops were in plain view. As was The Museum Café, Victor’s Cuban, Ruskay’s, then Ruelle’s. Bustling with outside tables and windows for people watching.

In 2019, the scaffolding scourge continues to spread. It’s rare to find a building not shrouded by dark cobwebbed metal and wood. Obscuring business signage and entrances, leaving al fresco spaces too dank to dine under. Even the stately San Remo has a newly erected shed. Sad.

Westworld Webs

Tangled webs of steel in NYC. Scaffolding epidemic shrouds sidewalks creating dank tunnels. Scars landmark architecture and darkens storefronts. Kills business. Yes. I’ve written about this a lot. West Side Rag quotes me as a “local scaffolding critic”.  A City councilman wants to limit timeframes for prolonging this blight. My NYTimes comment completely agrees. Dakota disfigured by it for years and still 36 to the day after John’s Lennon’s demise.

Westworld. Season finale. Spoiler Alert! Twist without a twist. Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode. Kept waiting for a less hackneyed reversal. Too obvi. Will the hosts turned proprietary inhabitants now have to rely on the creepy little writer for their story lines? What about William. He owns the place and seemed to survive. Anyway. Long road to a finale which was neither surprising nor particularly clever.

Scaffolds Scar NYC

There has been an explosion of steel scaling sides of buildings all over New York City. Restaurants. Hotels. Residential buildings. These metal webs remain installed not for months but for years. It’s a new era of blight causing claustrophobic tunnels shrouding sidewalks from the sun and blocking New York’s historical architectural beauty.

Just found out that one of our favorite Upper West Side seafood restaurants has closed. Entrance-obstructing scaffolding has left former sidewalk diners and customers at bay since 2012. What the hell?