Fall Classics

Crisp afternoon football. Detroit’s Matthew Stafford the QB to watch at 25. Longmeadow High School alum, Dolphins’ Joe Philbin had a bad day as Pats dominated the second half. Again. London fans didn’t get much of a show, with a SanFran blowout over the hapless Jags. This year there will be a Limping Bowl. Everyone is hurt. Size, speed. A sport more punishing than ever.

Redskins should keep their name. Just change the others. Seattle Yellowskins. Baltimore Blackskins. Cleveland Brownskins. New England Whiteskins. No? So I rest my case. Another cold evening for Baseball Classic. World Series number 4 in St. Louis. Officials do seem to decide games for Boston teams lately.

NYTimes endorses DeBlasio for Mayor. Quel surprise. Mr. Bill should read Frank Bruni’s lament about Rome. Cautionary tale.

6 Replies to “Fall Classics”

  1. Last night’s call was the correct one although at a very bad time. Simply not in the “Cards” for the Sox this time when stuff like that happens. Go Bruins!!


  2. Patriots will make the playoffs because they’re in a terrible division. That’s not a championship team. I also think the Cards are a better team. New Boston motto, we’ll excite you and get you close but not to the promise land. Many cities would love to be in our situation over the last 12 years so we shouldn’t complain…..but I still will.


    1. AFC was always inferior. And yes. Yes you will. Could be worse. You are not Carrie Mathison.

      Buchholz is a pitching artist. Loved watching him. Even if…. a little wack a doodle. Gomes homer. Sox on fire. Beards butt ugly.


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