First. Tiger no Woods. Keep them out of the bag. At least the driver. You never hit it well. Ok. Rarely. Irons. Fairways. At least you’ll have a shot at the green.

Second. Majors are few marquee events of the sport. Why no live television coverage for entire PGA Championship? GolfChannel. What do you cover? Oh. Golf. TNT starts when Tiger’s round is over today. Half the time, even on the weekend, we have to wait for the gap between cable and network broadcasts.

Yes, I am watching on But, the online announcers are morons who talk about their children and everything but the game. Why did we get that big screen? To watch golf. I know. I need to get a life, but geez. If you can’t air the entirety of major tournaments, don’t contract for them.

3 thoughts on “GolfRant

  1. Very, very well said. Couldn’t agree more. I also don’t need some wannabe pro tell us why and what Tiger did wrong with his swing. Really? You’re going to tell us what he did wrong while we should be watching live golf? Shut the front door and show us the golf!!! “Hello Friends” Nance needs to go away now. Give me more Faldo, Feherty and McCord and all will be okay.


    • And with your excellent analysis. I couldn’t agree more. Nance’s bromance fantasies for Phil are out of control. And the online guys talk about everything but what we should be watching. Golf. Is it a birdie or eagle putt? Gee, I don’t know because they’re yacking about shots of tournaments from ten years ago. Love Feherty and Faldo.


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