Schwab PGA Tournament storyline coincidentally apt. Harold Varner III in contention. One of few ever Black golfers to win or even play. Without galleries, it’s up to Nick Faldo to give us some good gossip. Like Bryson deChambeau drinking crazy amounts of protein shakes. Thus, the gut. Hasn’t improved his annoying slow rudeness.

Knives Out. Don’t see many movies. But. This got major nominations and awards? For ensemble. Okay, good cast, mostly bad acting. Daniel Craig’s accent was distractingly awful. Original Screenplay. Really? Pretty flimsy. Campy at best. Must have been a bad year for film.

Foto Finish

Rory took the reins and galloped to the finish line in the dark at Valhalla to win the PGA. If he could have played through, he would have. Then, after he trampled the field, he thanked them for their sportsmanship. Cunning, tough, smart. Have to admire Mickelson’s class. He could have complained about being rushed. He was. But, note to golfers. Play faster! Works for Rory.

During rain delays at the PGA, read a disturbing psychological novel. Hell hath no fury like a daughter scorned. Hell too cool for Harriet Lane’s horrible Nina in Her.  Personification of veiled hatred and evil. If only Joan Crawford were around to play the lead. She is the only one who could. Chilling read.

Great Ray Donovan tonightSweet tableau of familial bliss. Ha!

Golf Rant

First. Tiger no Woods. Keep them out of the bag. At least the driver. You never hit it well. Ok. Rarely. Irons. Fairways. At least you’ll have a shot at the green.

Second. Majors are few marquee events of the sport. Why no live television coverage for entire PGA Championship? GolfChannel. What do you cover? Oh. Golf. TNT starts when Tiger’s round is over today. Half the time, even on the weekend, we have to wait for the gap between cable and network broadcasts.

Yes, I am watching on But, the online announcers are morons who talk about their children and everything but the game. Why did we get that big screen? To watch golf. I know. I need to get a life, but geez. If you can’t air the entirety of major tournaments, don’t contract for them.

British Roar

The Tiger has been silenced. A new cub roars. PGA winner Rory McIlroy. Second major at 23. Youth be served. 1989 babies are talented. Northern Ireland proud. England’s elder invitee David Lynn runner-up. Brits rule.

Olympics left me lacking. Didn’t watch much. Too many obscure sports. London was the star. Imagined brilliantly. Hope you will compliment them now, Mitt.

Back home, weekend fare. Little Necks Nectar. Summer Supper-