Doves Cry

Maybe I’m just like my father too bold. “When Doves Cry” – Prince.

More sad than Prince’s untimely demise. The tragic death of an icon who is still alive. Tiger Woods. ESPN writer reveals a tale that didn’t hit the headlines. The self-sabotage of a champion who never got fulfillment from the sport of golf.  So he sought solace in trying to fulfill his father’s dream. Ending up emulating his flaws as well.

Far from the fairways and greens Tiger’s world turned to a driven need to become a Navy SEAL. His fame gave him access to their grueling training camps which destroyed his body. The one he needed to continue to compete and win with in his other life. Wright Thompson does a masterful telling of the secret suffering that we as fans never could have guessed was going on in this complicated stunted man-boy. A must read.

Game Changers

Are the tables turning? Defining moment. Apolitical sibling yearned to see Trumpo at New Hampshire town hall. Ready to make the trek. Wow. The Donald expects to fill a stadium in Alabama tonight. What will he say about North Korea’s war taunt? Kim Jong. Bing. Bing. Bong. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Probably. While everyone else scowls and gripes. H-Rod to go toe to toe with Joe?

Tiger shot a 64. Could there be more? Caitlyn Jenner changed so she could go to a women’s prison for manslaughter? Just asking. Bon weekend.

Desperately Seeking Somebody

Democrats are scrambling to find somebody to rise from the bench if/when Hillary implodes. Bernie energizes the moonbat far left base. Biden never stimulates votes. God love him. Gore rumor quashed before it became one. Kerry lame afterthought. Warren done. Anemic choices.

Repubs not so great, either. Jeb’s foreign policy speech at Reagan Library written by Dick Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz. NeoCons Term3. Trump, Carson, Fiorina anti-magnetic forces with short shelf life. Kasich not igniting sparks.

Tiger out. Spieth and McIlroy even. PGA a bust of late. Somebody. Fire us up!

Saturday Matinée

NBC’s Peter Pan Live! More like Walken Dead. Christopher’s zombie impression of Cyril Ritchard’s brilliant preening and prancing original Hook. Allison Williams’ creepy Pan surrounded by fabulously made-up rejects from Broadway chorus lines. Very gay and boring all at the same time. We could see the wires.

Tiger’s back on the course. Not Lily. A little rusty still. Spieth impressive. Florida looking good on a rainy cold day. Shrimp Fra Diavolo by the fire instead.

Crying Wolfowitz

Again. Texas Gov Rick Perry is joining the old NeoCons’ chorus warning another terrorist attack on our shores. Darth and Liz Cheney, Donny Rummy, Paulie Wolfowitz on every channel predicting (hoping for?) another 9/11. Those hijackers came from Afghanistan. Not Iraq. NeoCons broke it anyway under false pretenses. Now we are left with ISIS savages. Could they hit us here? Of course. Recruit from UK beheaded our poor journalist. But, it is beyond unseemly to hear these aging apologists lining up to say they told us so if it does happen.

Flashback. Rory hitting golf balls with Jimmy Fallon. Tiger acting as caddy. He didn’t look much different than the toddler on the Mike Douglas show years ago. No. Not Michael Douglas-Zeta Jones. Merv Griffin-era afternoon talk days. Yeah. I’m old. Bon weekend.

Autumn in August

OK. It’s Fall. Low sun. Chill nights. Last roses. DSC_0016-1Goldenrod. Ragweed. Football. Matt Weiner previewing last 7 episodes of MadMen on Morning Joe. Kids going back to school. College. Whew. Porch-friendly summer. Lots of books. So.

Civilized communication exhumed in the heartland. Bloodless coup in Iraq. Todd takes over MTP from Gregory. No Curry-esque humiliation on-air. Another Sunday surprise. Holder nominated to replace Ginsberg on the Supreme Court? Tiger gives Watson cover. Takes himself out of Ryder Cup. Euro-year anyway.

photo-25Black cherry tomatoes. Neighbor’s novel garden treat.
Bon weekend.


River? Russia needs the port. It’s a done deal. Putin doesn’t care what anyone says or does. He ain’t leaving Crimea. Ukraine can kiss it goodbye. Kerry gets to put on a lot of air miles. That’s about it. In other news…

Trump’s new Doral is getting a soaking as Tiger and Phil have a lackluster start. June Squibb was great as Hannah’s grandmother on Girls. Maggie’s family looks to play a pivotal role in the finale of True Detective. There is no reason to continue to watch American Idol. Worst contestants ever.

Dr.Husband thanks all who donated to Baystate Children’s Hospital. Hoping for warmer weather in the Big A. Bon weekend.


Absurd alliances. Global shift. Ted Cruz and Katrina vanden Heuvel agree on what U.S. should do about Syria. Really. Rand Paul, too. Has the world gone completely mad? Charles Blow thinks so. Putin writes a column in the NYTimes, encouraging appeasement. It’s better than bombast and bombs. Vatican leads a peace march. Pope Francis puts Goodness over Godliness. Going mad in the right way, I say. It does give me pause when Armed Services Committee and Generals don’t know the difference between a weapons cache and caché.

Naomi Watts looks more like Tina Brown than Princess Di. Performance panned. Probably why. End of the line for Burn Notice and Breaking Bad. Tiger playing at BMW. Hope Lindsey’s dalliances won’t make him sad. Cool weekend!

Golf Rant

First. Tiger no Woods. Keep them out of the bag. At least the driver. You never hit it well. Ok. Rarely. Irons. Fairways. At least you’ll have a shot at the green.

Second. Majors are few marquee events of the sport. Why no live television coverage for entire PGA Championship? GolfChannel. What do you cover? Oh. Golf. TNT starts when Tiger’s round is over today. Half the time, even on the weekend, we have to wait for the gap between cable and network broadcasts.

Yes, I am watching on But, the online announcers are morons who talk about their children and everything but the game. Why did we get that big screen? To watch golf. I know. I need to get a life, but geez. If you can’t air the entirety of major tournaments, don’t contract for them.

British Roar

The Tiger has been silenced. A new cub roars. PGA winner Rory McIlroy. Second major at 23. Youth be served. 1989 babies are talented. Northern Ireland proud. England’s elder invitee David Lynn runner-up. Brits rule.

Olympics left me lacking. Didn’t watch much. Too many obscure sports. London was the star. Imagined brilliantly. Hope you will compliment them now, Mitt.

Back home, weekend fare. Little Necks Nectar. Summer Supper-