Doves Cry

Maybe I’m just like my father too bold. “When Doves Cry” – Prince.

More sad than Prince’s untimely demise. The tragic death of an icon who is still alive. Tiger Woods. ESPN writer reveals a tale that didn’t hit the headlines. The self-sabotage of a champion who never got fulfillment from the sport of golf.  So he sought solace in trying to fulfill his father’s dream. Ending up emulating his flaws as well.

Far from the fairways and greens Tiger’s world turned to a driven need to become a Navy SEAL. His fame gave him access to their grueling training camps which destroyed his body. The one he needed to continue to compete and win with in his other life. Wright Thompson does a masterful telling of the secret suffering that we as fans never could have guessed was going on in this complicated stunted man-boy. A must read.

Game Changers

Are the tables turning? Defining moment. Apolitical sibling yearned to see Trumpo at New Hampshire town hall. Ready to make the trek. Wow. The Donald expects to fill a stadium in Alabama tonight. What will he say about North Korea’s war taunt? Kim Jong. Bing. Bing. Bong. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Probably. While everyone else scowls and gripes. H-Rod to go toe to toe with Joe?

Tiger shot a 64. Could there be more? Caitlyn Jenner changed so she could go to a women’s prison for manslaughter? Just asking. Bon weekend.

Desperately Seeking Somebody

Democrats are scrambling to find somebody to rise from the bench if/when Hillary implodes. Bernie energizes the moonbat far left base. Biden never stimulates votes. God love him. Gore rumor quashed before it became one. Kerry lame afterthought. Warren done. Anemic choices.

Repubs not so great, either. Jeb’s foreign policy speech at Reagan Library written by Dick Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz. NeoCons Term3. Trump, Carson, Fiorina anti-magnetic forces with short shelf life. Kasich not igniting sparks.

Tiger out. Spieth and McIlroy even. PGA a bust of late. Somebody. Fire us up!

Turkey Time!

Yup. Gobble. Gobble. In August. Lots of whining, too. Why does big Donny get to sit at the adult table? Whaaaa. Carly and Ricks don’t like that. Neither does Lindsey. The kids’ table?! Really? Gonna hear lots of screaming next week before the first debate. Fox has its hands full. Too many turkeys to capture.

Meanwhile, El Trumpo has brilliantly lowered expectations for his performance. He’s “never debated before”.  Happy next Thursday! Thanksgiving early.

El Tigre at a turning point? Summer springs…    Bon weekend.

Old Course

Of course. Watching the Open. With Tiger the “middle-of-the-pack-hack”, commentary is more entertaining than the golf. Johnsons, Zach and Dustin. Yawn. Danny Willett. Who? Phippy fizzed. Rory decided to play a different sport. Ricky hasn’t taken his game across the Firth of Forth. So, yeah. Sporadically spying the play. On the record, Joey3 for Stenson. Me for Handsome Adam. We’ll see. Old Tom Watson in the links spotlight. Will he stay ’til Sunday?

In the meantime Emmy noms. Mostly a joke. Some good surprises like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Yay Hamm and Schreiber. That’s it.
Bon weekend.

Mixed Book Bag

Church of Marvels, by Leslie Parry. Gritty Life Circus. A debut success. It does not rise to the lyrical edgy joy of Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus. This tale is more a ghastly version of Robertson Davies’ World of Wonders. Dark. But, glowing writing makes up for it. Turn of the last century saga of tortured tattered lives. Endurance. Wit. Finally. A novel worth reading. First one in a long time. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Kroll. Insipid at best. Terrible.

Governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina. Classy stateswoman. National leadership quality. El Chapo chasing down el Trumpo. Oh oh. Woods and Dufner together practicing for the British Open. Are they gonna share Jason’s sexy ex-wife, too? Ray Donovan is back better than ever with a snide side of Katie Holmes.

Tuesday Trades

Obama wins trade deal. When will you ever see Senator voting blocks like this again? Feinstein with Cornyn. Cruz with Warren. 60-37. Leadership rising. Governor Nikki Haley epitomized eloquent common sense creating comity in her rapid response to the Confederate Flag decision in South Carolina. Refreshing. Well done on all counts. Dustin Johnson licking his wounds after epic choke. Mickelson-esque. Handed U.S. Open to Jordan Spieth for his second major of the year. Cool crazy course with gorgeous Puget Sound vistas. Woods absent. Trading generations.

Strawberry Season. Pick your own polka dots. IMG_1392