Sunday Sport

Will Tiger have a bogey-free round ever again? That should be his only goal for the rest of this season. Is American Pharaoh a Triple Crown winner? Oh yeah. Decisively. Despite the fact that his name is misspelled. Are hockey finals exciting? For sure. But, still predict 7 games. Rigged. Can you watch the French Open with the sound on? No. Grunting and groaning gross.

Is Wednesday Martin a horrible writer, woman, person? Definitely. Do not buy her book! Made the mistake of skimming it. Using anthropology as a veil for vulgar trashing of her neighbors. Abhorrent anachronistic primate is she.

Did Ogilvy & Mather New York win Effie for most effective individual ad agency of the year? Yup. Congrats O&M and mAdBen!

Hot Spring

Muggy. Hot. Spring weekend. Searing topics. Deflated Patriots fans wondering why balls report is twice as long as domestic violence study in the NFL. Kraft v. Goodell. Brady accused of Clintonian hijinks. Note to everybody. Stop texting stuff. Hope to Hot Springs. Put a muzzle on Bubba. Across the pond, hordes of mediocre candidates threaten to upend British political scene. Sound familiar?

Players Championship trios set. Tiger, Package, Handsome Adam. Caddies replaced by shrinks. Wunderkinds Spieth and Rory together toDay.

Book review: At the Water’s Edge, Sarah Gruen. Bon weekend.

Fifth Be With

May the Fifth. Be with you. Don Julio. Casamigos. Juan Ellis Bush wished everyone a feliz Cinco de Mayo. Saludos y margaritas all around. Tiger’s gonna need a few after getting dumped by Lindsey. So much for the Players.

Toast to Princess Charlotte. Competitor of American Royal Grandbaby Clinton? Kate v. Chelsea. Not so much. They’ll both inherit a lot of baggage and bucks. Meanwhile, Obama told Dave he wanted to play dominoes with him after they retire and swap stories at a Starbucks. Proprietary eponym. It’s official.

Winter Shade

Fiery crashes. Tragic. Tiger’s demise. Sad. Public lies. You don’t conflate a life-changing event. You remember it in great detail. Taking sniper hits on the tarmac in Somalia. Inventing Vietnam war service and still voted to the Senate. Consequences no longer apply.

Can’t watch television “news”.  Listened to Obama’s whole speech at the Prayer Breakfast. He was funny, spiritual, balanced. Wondered if Foxbots were covering this. Nope, another story criticizing the Prez for something or other. Then, later talking points revolved around the prayer speech saying that a moral equivalence had been made with ancient Christianity and modern evil Islamist extremists. Nothing is further from the truth. Try taking in the entirety of what someone says before slanting. Lazy. Vacuous. Not journalism.

Downton has devolved into “As the Manor Turns”.  Too cold for side trekking. Escape to books this weekend.

Coastal Bowl

Let the game begin! Two cities with the same populations in the Northwest and the Northeast. Seattle v. Boston. Okay. All of New England. Good for advertising revenues. One claims Starbucks. The other razors and beans. Two devoted quarterbacks. One to Jesus. The other to private guru Guerrero. Both seem like good guys. Despite deflate-gate. It’s all about the ball. As Tom Brady said, it’s not ISIS. And it’s not murder. As former teammate faces a jury today.

Never been a fan of the AFC. Nor the Pats. But, this year I think Kraft & Co. deserve the win. More than that. Rooting for a rare SuperBowl close score. Tiger’s teeth are back but he may miss the cut and make the local game.

Saturday Matinée

NBC’s Peter Pan Live! More like Walken Dead. Christopher’s zombie impression of Cyril Ritchard’s brilliant preening and prancing original Hook. Allison Williams’ creepy Pan surrounded by fabulously made-up rejects from Broadway chorus lines. Very gay and boring all at the same time. We could see the wires.

Tiger’s back on the course. Not Lily. A little rusty still. Spieth impressive. Florida looking good on a rainy cold day. Shrimp Fra Diavolo by the fire instead.

Set Flix

Best Emmy choices ever. Danes, Wright, Dockery, Lena’s Heady and Dunham. Voight, Hamm, Billy Bob, Freeman, McConaughey, Harrelson, Kevin Spacey.

Speaking of House of Cards, another binge-worthy NetFlix series. The Fall with Gillian Anderson. Creepy but good. Ray Donovan renewed for Season 3. Yay.

Forget Barclay’s. Maureen Dowd took fore metaphors to their test in her funny and brilliant Golf Address. A riff on Gettysburg and Obama’s bunker jones.

Summer Seafood Stew for Two. RecipeDetours.