Doves Cry

Maybe I’m just like my father too bold. “When Doves Cry” – Prince.

More sad than Prince’s untimely demise. The tragic death of an icon who is still alive. Tiger Woods. ESPN writer reveals a tale that didn’t hit the headlines. The self-sabotage of a champion who never got fulfillment from the sport of golf.  So he sought solace in trying to fulfill his father’s dream. Ending up emulating his flaws as well.

Far from the fairways and greens Tiger’s world turned to a driven need to become a Navy SEAL. His fame gave him access to their grueling training camps which destroyed his body. The one he needed to continue to compete and win with in his other life. Wright Thompson does a masterful telling of the secret suffering that we as fans never could have guessed was going on in this complicated stunted man-boy. A must read.

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  1. Prince a true icon. Huge fan of his many talents. Purple Rain always a favorite movie of mine. Tributes across the world for him. Jennifer Hudson and the cast of The Color Purple on Broadway. Bruce Springsteen in Brooklyn. Elton John in Vegas. Look them up. Worth the watch!!!


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