Midnight Desert

Art Bell returns to midnight radio from the high desert in the Kingdom of Nye. SiriusXM September 16. Crystal Gayle. White Bird. It’s A Beautiful Day. Pretty Ballerina. Bumper music. No call screeners. Uncensored and unafraid. If you’re not a fan, you won’t get any of this. He disappeared in 2010. Long dry spell.

Art’s overnight show kept us sane starting in 1994 when we moved from San Francisco to Northampton. Sleepness nights, getting up at 4:45 a.m. Boston commute. When we found him, he was warning listeners about “noise” in the heartland. Militia militants planning a sinister plot against the government. Predicted something bad was afoot. Oklahoma City followed soon thereafter.

But, it was the crazy callers who compelled us to stay up so late. UFO’s, alien abductions by lizard people and grays. Witches. Yeti. Chupacabra. Yay!

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