Area 51 Where Are You?

Let’s all head to AlienStock and the Desert of the Great American Southwest. Area 51. West of the Rockies. You are on the air. Yes. Of course Art Bell will be there. And Whitley Strieber. As will Lizard Men. And Greys. Probing bodies. Mining minds. Extraterrestrially speaking. So. Hop on that Trailways bus. Close encounters guaranteed.

Beats bleary-eyed visions of Trump 24/7 on TV.


Road trip through the Great American South West. Summer of 2002. Grand Canyon. Sedona. Troon North. Scottsdale. Las Vegas. All the usual stops. But. True destination was Pahrump, Nevada. To find Art Bell. His double-wide. Where he broadcasted his overnight radio show. UFO’s. Militias. Ghosts. Witches. Crop Circles. Chem-trails. An insomniac’s aphrodisiac.

Arrived in Pahrump after a ridiculously long drive from Las Vegas. Every saloon, casino, convenience store, gas station had the same name. Terrible’s. We went to each one asking customers and management alike if they knew where Art Bell lived. They all gave us a disinterested or ignorant fake-shake of the head. Some provided directions. Which were all different. So. We drove around a while and finally gave up.

Godspeed Art. Midnights in the Desert will never be the same. Apologies to Crystal Gayle.

Speaking of terrible. Crying Comey makes Trump look like an adult.

Midnight Oasis

As we bid so long to summer this week, the harvest moon rose over the high desert’s kingdom of Nye in the great American southwest. After a long drought, Art Bell’s voice has softened with age as he broadcasts from his lone trailer. Sirius XM. Soothing to know he’s there in the dark once again. Send your camels to bed.

Another mass shooting’s sad perpetual ritual of teddy bears, balloons and flowers at tragic site, empty symbols of lawmakers’ inaction. The focus instead is on Benghazi, defunding Obamacare. Washington a vast wasteland. It’s scary when Assad sounds like the most rational guy on the planet. Guess cuz he was sitting across from crazy Kucinich. No wonder escaping into space is so appealing.

Midnight Desert

Art Bell returns┬áto midnight radio from the high desert in the Kingdom of Nye. SiriusXM September 16. Crystal Gayle. White Bird. It’s A Beautiful Day. Pretty Ballerina. Bumper music. No call screeners. Uncensored and unafraid. If you’re not a fan, you won’t get any of this. He disappeared in 2010. Long dry spell.

Art’s overnight show kept us sane starting in 1994 when we moved from San Francisco to Northampton. Sleepness nights, getting up at 4:45 a.m. Boston commute. When we found him, he was warning listeners about “noise” in the heartland. Militia militants planning a sinister plot against the government. Predicted something bad was afoot. Oklahoma City followed soon thereafter.

But, it was the crazy callers who compelled us to stay up so late. UFO’s, alien abductions by lizard people and grays. Witches. Yeti. Chupacabra. Yay!