UnToward NewYork

Quick jaunt to New York. First stop Katz’ Deli in New Haven. Next stop the Bronx. Pastrami on rye at Betsey’s Kingsbridge digs. Down to the Flatiron to our fave Hotel Giraffe, then for a sunny late afternoon Fika iced latte on Madison Park. Cebicheria La Mar al fresco dinner previewed mAdBen’s upcoming travels to Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu. All good.

Sunday morning, car gone. Towed. Legal spot. No! Officer Ward, with her Irish brogue, appreciated Dr.Husband’s kindness to a lost old lady and drove her NYPD buggy around the ‘hood and found our “re-parked” car. Whew.

Speaking of Irish cops in New York. BBCAmerica’s Copper set in 1864 New York, is a period piece of grit, grime and unbridled brutality. Mount Holyoke College Professor Daniel Czitrom the historical consultant for the show. First episode tonight was reminiscent of Kurt Anderson’s novel HeyDay.

2 thoughts on “UnToward NewYork

    • Ha. No. It was towed for an “Indian Parade” as in India people. There were no signs and it was a legal spot. But, the NYPD still decided to tow the car two blocks to the East. If the Irish officer hadn’t taken the initiative, we would have spent the day looking for it. So, it ended well. No fine, no fee, car in tact. She (the officer) liked Gary because he walked a lost old lady to a cab and paid for her to get home.


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