UnToward NewYork

Quick jaunt to New York. First stop Katz’ Deli in New Haven. Next stop the Bronx. Pastrami on rye at Betsey’s Kingsbridge digs. Down to the Flatiron to our fave Hotel Giraffe, then for a sunny late afternoon Fika iced latte on Madison Park. Cebicheria La Mar al fresco dinner previewed mAdBen’s upcoming travels to Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu. All good.

Sunday morning, car gone. Towed. Legal spot. No! Officer Ward, with her Irish brogue, appreciated Dr.Husband’s kindness to a lost old lady and drove her NYPD buggy around the ‘hood and found our “re-parked” car. Whew.

Speaking of Irish cops in New York. BBCAmerica’s Copper set in 1864 New York, is a period piece of grit, grime and unbridled brutality. Mount Holyoke College Professor Daniel Czitrom the historical consultant for the show. First episode tonight was reminiscent of Kurt Anderson’s novel HeyDay.

Happy To Me

Best birthday in many many full moons. Spent with my favorite people. In my favorite place. Wining. Dining. Zero whining. Now, that’s a perfect birthday.

Springtime in New York. Crocuses up. Italian marketing at Eataly after a 70-degree afternoon stroll with Dr.H through Madison Park. He fêted me with a wonderful dinner at ParkAvenueWinter: PithyV, Original MadMan, mAdBen, Joey3Sticks, Alicat. Joy and laughter. And lots of Sancerre. Lots.

GemQueen and BlogisQueen enjoyed the mid-day sun apres dejeuner at ABC Kitchen with Meryl Streep and hubby just a couple tables down. My lobster was a succulent, sweet treat. Best part was being there with BFF. Then, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, superb Southwest supper with Ben. And…DimSum lunch at Hurricane Club with Betsey fun across from fab Giraffe.

Plus great gifts. A Victorian glass dish, handmade fan, valise with ducks!

Table’s Turn

Ending the year on an up-note. Family trek to New York produced several excellent dining experiences. The best was Ciano on Park Avenue South, a few blocks from our still favorite hotel, The Giraffe. Ciano has a farmhouse cozy warm ambience with fresh simple fare. Monkfish loin, Berkshire pork tenderloin succulent, cooked perfectly. Wine “program” a little much and it’s pricey, but worth it for a change. Lure remains our consistently fun FishBar stop in SoHo.

Enjoyed a quintessential bistro steak frites lunch with Betsey, who savored every morsel at Bourdain’s original Les Halles. Earlier lunch attempts at Zinc in New Haven and Alta in Lenox less satisfying, but nice just to be together with family and friends over the holidays. Happy healthy New Year to all SideTrekkers.

Buy Table’s Edge on RecipeDetours page.

Weekend Treks – Dadz

Fathers are the best. I’m married to one of the finest, 29 years to the day. Papa, Daddy, Bro Joe’s all supreme in their ways. Ellis somewhere knows he has a new great grandson, William Ezra. Dadz rarely get their proper PR. It’s the time to appreciate and remember. I’m a Daddy’s girl forever. Another Father’s Day, another U.S. Open. Can Rory keep up the crazy pace? 11 under after the second round?! Ok, he hit into the drink on 18, but hey. We’ll be celebrating Dadz, Anniversaries, watching golf, missing Tiger. I know, but I do.

SideBikeTrek on Governor’s Island. – BPJ Photo. 

U.S. Open Update: Rory McIlroy my kinda golf guy. No waddles, hinks, spider squats. Steps up, takes the shot. Broke so many records. Ror heard round the world, good for you at 22. btw. Why did NBC edit Pledge of Allegiance before the broadcast Sunday? Jack asked, read my response on-air.

1 Rm Riv Vu

Hudson River and City from 25th Floor. Congrats to Ben on his new home! Doorman, pool, tennis courts, gym, roof deck. Just a coupla blocks from work. It’s good to be Ben. He’s earned it.

More SanFran Buzz. Northampton’s former Circa owner, Dane Boryta’s new restaurant Bottle Cap is slated to open in a week at the site of Ed Moose’s old ‘WashBag‘ in North Beach. See Travel Treks for more Bay Area Treks. Last night Jack asked if Repubs will go light on social issues in order to win in 2012. He read what C. said.   Can we finally kiss that weiner goodbye?