Weekend Treks – Dadz

Fathers are the best. I’m married to one of the finest, 29 years to the day. Papa, Daddy, Bro Joe’s all supreme in their ways. Ellis somewhere knows he has a new great grandson, William Ezra. Dadz rarely get their proper PR. It’s the time to appreciate and remember. I’m a Daddy’s girl forever. Another Father’s Day, another U.S. Open. Can Rory keep up the crazy pace? 11 under after the second round?! Ok, he hit into the drink on 18, but hey. We’ll be celebrating Dadz, Anniversaries, watching golf, missing Tiger. I know, but I do.

SideBikeTrek on Governor’s Island. – BPJ Photo. 

U.S. Open Update: Rory McIlroy my kinda golf guy. No waddles, hinks, spider squats. Steps up, takes the shot. Broke so many records. Ror heard round the world, good for you at 22. btw. Why did NBC edit Pledge of Allegiance before the broadcast Sunday? Jack asked, read my response on-air.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Treks – Dadz

  1. Behind every great dad, if he’s incredibly lucky, is a great wife who helps make sure the magic happen. Thanks for my 22 years as a Dad, and for my happiest (almost) 30.


  2. Oops – looking over my last comment it might be interpreted that the years were “almost my happiest,” but I really meant “almost 30 years” since we met. They really have been my happiest years. Honestly. I swear. Really.


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