Happy To Me

Best birthday in many many full moons. Spent with my favorite people. In my favorite place. Wining. Dining. Zero whining. Now, that’s a perfect birthday.

Springtime in New York. Crocuses up. Italian marketing at Eataly after a 70-degree afternoon stroll with Dr.H through Madison Park. He fêted me with a wonderful dinner at ParkAvenueWinter: PithyV, Original MadMan, mAdBen, Joey3Sticks, Alicat. Joy and laughter. And lots of Sancerre. Lots.

GemQueen and BlogisQueen enjoyed the mid-day sun apres dejeuner at ABC Kitchen with Meryl Streep and hubby just a couple tables down. My lobster was a succulent, sweet treat. Best part was being there with BFF. Then, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, superb Southwest supper with Ben. And…DimSum lunch at Hurricane Club with Betsey fun across from fab Giraffe.

Plus great gifts. A Victorian glass dish, handmade fan, valise with ducks!

6 thoughts on “Happy To Me

  1. And I am here to tell you the celebration with BlogisQueen was fit for a queen— her eyes grew large with the sight of Larry the Lobster being served; but they got even bigger when Oscar winner Meryl Streep strolled by in big Hollywood sunglasses. It was better than a Page 6 sighting.
    Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman and very clever writer
    and many more celebrations to come! xx


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