Big Government Bad. Amend the Constitution for a Federal ban on abortion. Old white guys make the rules about women’s bodies. Don’t take away our Medicare. Until 2020. Bail out big banks. Increase funding to the Defense Department. Bring back NASA. Nation-build around the world. Keep our Empire in tact. Military bases in Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia… Oh, and the wars.

Small Government Good. Cut funding to PBS. Slash student loans, grants. Borrow money from your parents to go to college. Decrease funding for Veterans’ health care. Repeal Obamacare. Replace it with? Stop infrastructure projects. Where will we drive our cars? On dirt roads and rope bridges?
Drill baby drill.

2 Replies to “RepubliCants”

  1. Gee. Wonder why the White House is focusing on its “beer”?! So obvious.
    Obama is the guy you want to have a beer with, everyday guy. Romney is a rich Mormon. Doesn’t drink beer.


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