Stuffington Post Scripts

Happy 175th Birthday to Mount Holyoke College. First and still all-women’s liberal arts school in the United States. Mary Lyon rocks. Speaking of women shaking, excitement in Springfield’s strip club scene. Explosive. Lucky no one seriously injured. G-strings only slightly tattered. Poles pulverized.

In keeping with consumption theme of the weekend, new flat-screen and Mac-Pro purchases achieved. Red Saturday. Great to have mAdBen home again. 

UnToward NewYork

Quick jaunt to New York. First stop Katz’ Deli in New Haven. Next stop the Bronx. Pastrami on rye at Betsey’s Kingsbridge digs. Down to the Flatiron to our fave Hotel Giraffe, then for a sunny late afternoon Fika iced latte on Madison Park. Cebicheria La Mar al fresco dinner previewed mAdBen’s upcoming travels to Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu. All good.

Sunday morning, car gone. Towed. Legal spot. No! Officer Ward, with her Irish brogue, appreciated Dr.Husband’s kindness to a lost old lady and drove her NYPD buggy around the ‘hood and found our “re-parked” car. Whew.

Speaking of Irish cops in New York. BBCAmerica’s Copper set in 1864 New York, is a period piece of grit, grime and unbridled brutality. Mount Holyoke College Professor Daniel Czitrom the historical consultant for the show. First episode tonight was reminiscent of Kurt Anderson’s novel HeyDay.

Foolish Mess

Halloween, April Fool’s snow. Told you so. Nice in between, though. Bye winter.

Rachel Maddow speaking at my alma Mount Holyoke. Her new book depicts the drift of U.S. military’s missions over the past decades. Creeping worldwide warring culture. American Empire? I say yes. The guy who moved next door to Sarah Palin in Alaska, Joe McGinniss, is now stalking Northampton’s courts. He’ll be writing about cases in the Pioneer Valley. Bully movie coming out has local ties. Hampshire College and Amherst High School grads keys of the production.

Steamy Treks

Jake at the helm. Now this is the way to spend these hot haze daze! Gimme some of that. Hope GemQueen has cool breezes on her birthday weekend at the beach. JeanJean’s SanFran sojourn coming to an end as she’s celebrated Bday by the Bay. New Travel Side Treks from recent trips coming soon.

I’ll be here in my one air-conditioned room or in the car for the weekend while Dr.Husband’s working in his cool office. Hmmm.
Happy to GemQueen and JeanJean!

Doily Daze

What happened to sweet cut-out heart pasted on a doily? Now it’s flannel pajama-grams, teddy bears. Who likes this stuff? Give me good old-fashioned respect, consideration, love on the other 364 days of the year. Genuine affection was on full display this weekend in NYC. Special lunch at Union Square Cafe, Meyer-Romano legacy endures. Exuberance, beauty, joy abounded at wonderful Wax wedding,Yale Club. Sunday brunch in posh Park Slope loft exquisite followed by Brooklyn Crown Heights ‘roots’ tour to celebrate Betsey’s 86.

Caddy Shack lives! Go Bill Murray, Pro-Am Pebble Beach winner. He’s no glow-ball guy but hey. Grammy performers under-talented over- produced. Thank you speech line of the night, ‘and I want to thank my pregnant girlfriend over there’. Lovely. Bring back the quaint doilies. And Mick Jagger, still better than anyone.

Mount Holyoke responsible for the Valentine Doily Craze!? See comments.

Blog Year

One year ago today I posted my first entry on TheSideTrek. It was all about TheCaffertyFile. Jack’s read my comments on the air many times since, yet I’m still surprised. A year later where are we? I told Jack the other night that political effectiveness is not gender specific, it’s person specific. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is an extremely effective political person. As seen firsthand by her interns, she cares deeply about military families. Now she will serve on the Armed Services Committee. That’s good.

Kardashians play as Cairo burns. WTF, right Sarah? I take it back RHBH are not disgusting women, they are silly seventh grade girls. Speaking of which, what’s a snart?! Stop giggling Nancy and Joey. Lots of raves for ‘King’s Speech’, including NYU critic. Partytime in Tooleyville this weekend. Can’t believe 25 years since Challenger blew up. Heard about it sitting on 33rd floor, CrockerBank Kearney Street, overlooking SanFranBay pre-merger with WellsFargo. Whoa.

A year of blogging. It’s kept me sane. Kinda.

Crystal Ballz – 2011

Good riddance to ‘Year of the Skunk’. No, not the Chinese year. My year.
Half of it spent with skunky hair until it eclipsed to silvery white. Then, last winter, stinky smell under porch. Skunks had taken up residence along with a few ‘possums. When they didn’t get along, pee yew. Called pest guy. Bye skunks!

2011 Predictions: It’ll rain. It’ll snow. It’ll be hot. It’ll be cold. I’ll turn old-er.
New books may hit the stands. Grads, weds, babes. Last undergrad tuition paid. Hula hoop, ‘no dinner diet’ continue. Or, pajama jeans. Tiger, GMac win majors. Morning Joe tosses hat in the ring. Larsson’s 4th manuscript published. DonDraper gets another MountHolyoke. Frister birthday celebration somewhere fun. Ballz rise and drop. Times Square, Main Street, elsewhere. Happy New Year!