Mad Treks

It’s a mad world on MadMen these days. Betty is getting more evil. Is she revealing an incestuous past? Did she allow Sally to get too close to her Dad, Sally’s grandfather? Meanwhile, Joan and Peggy are running the show in the AdWorld. Don’s still dating Bethany, the Mount Holyoke “gymnast”. Pete Campbell went to Deerfield, someone on the show must be from ’round here.

Trailer for new movie “Howl” looks interesting with James Franco playing a young Allen Ginsberg, activist poet; Jon Hamm as lawyer in his obscenity trial. Today’s guest Judy Belushi, John’s widow 11am

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  1. I am trying to figure this out. I will e-mail you and try and how you add a Candy Pants Rant, and also find out what exactly that means. Geez, when did life pass me by. I am so excited about the radio show. I download it on the computer, right.


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