Cup Caked

Why the cup cake fad? Hate cake, in cups, frosting, doo-dads on top. Don’t get cup cakes. Magnolia Bakery cup cakes, neither. Hope Cynster had good bday camping in the Adirondacks yesterday, warmer and dryer than here. Hope no cup cakes. JeanJean will be teaching sex, drugs, rock & roll at middle school this fall. Maybe she can make cup cakes with her class.

Speaking of cup cakes, stumbled upon Hummus recipe. Had can of chick peas sitting in cupboard. Took out the blender and added Drew’s Lemon Goddess dressing (like quarter cuppish), hot pepper flakes, a little more lemon juice. Blended it all to a semi-dense dip substance, not too thick. Good, but wouldn’t use it in cup cakes. You could.

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  1. I agree with her! They are so overdone, in fact downright ugly, with dogs and cats and cars made out of frosting. They appealmto overindulgent mothers and bratty kids…. There… I am ranting more than Candy Pants!!! And all those brides who had cupcake wedding cakes are going to feel really stupid when they look back at those pictures drown the road!


  2. Shouldn’t really eat em,,, But if I did LOVE a good mini cupcake. Right proportion, icing to cake. Ben brought best ones to a family dinner from somewhere in east village. Just because it’s a fad doesn’t mean it’s bad!


  3. I have to repond to this. I love a wonderful cupcake. When else to you get whole cake to your self? No sharing. The icing is in perfect proportion to the cake. This is not a fad, it has been a way of life since I was a kid. The last thing I want to eat before I die is a perfect cupcake.Vanilla on vanilla. Pure bliss. I guess I can’t be considered a foodie. I get a little carried away when it comes to my cupcakes.


  4. I love cupcakes. In fact, after a particularly stressful VO session yesterday I had my all-time comfort food: Hostess Cupcakes. Chocolate devil’s food cake with creamy filling. Probably has no food in it at all, total chemicals. LOVE THEM!! Lately, been liking Little Debbie’s, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…


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