Manning. Ham. Eli. Mario. The Catch 2012. Whatta game. Tommy’s mommy uh wifey mad. Too bad. Hubby’s safety changed the end game. Speaking of manning up, Obama waffled and wiggled with Lauer. Doritos ad guy my man, where’s the cat, Mr. Brindle Great Dane? Clint. Meanwhile, did Bates kill his wife?

5 thoughts on “ManningUp

      • From what Bates mumbled to his girlfriend he said that his wife had taken poison. He probably will have a problem because it is on the record that he paid her money to get a divorce and then she reneged. I am sure that he will triumph in the end and he and his sweety will be married. (Downton Abbey is a high class soap opera after all.) What did get to me last night was that character Peter/Paul. His bandage was never changed (ugh) but his eyes were really crazy. He scared me. I suspect that he was actually a phony and is gone for good. Poor Sybil. She’s always a victim of unrequited love. This guy was #3 already.


  1. Flaw in the story …Wouldn’t they have recognized his voice?
    Bates…. probably didn’t but will be a suspect, and don’t forget he said something to Lord G. about “late wife”, wishing it were true.


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