Super Sides

Super weekend. Hope Strahan, EddieDe make the Hall of Fame.
Harbaugh BroBowl. Sibling rivalry on steroids. Go Jim! Go Niners!

Chuck ducked. After yesterday, Hagel should ditch DefenseSec job. Not only was his performance laconic, he sounded incompetent, and didn’t act like he even wants it. McCain, Graham, Cruz were rude and hostile, but Chuck was bad. Sad.

mAdBen, are you ‘mystery man’ bowling with Katie Holmes in your building?
SuperSunday Omelette w/ Kaepernick Capers.  RecipeDetours.  Bon Weekend.

Manning Up

Manning. Ham. Eli. Mario. The Catch 2012. Whatta game. Tommy’s mommy uh wifey mad. Too bad. Hubby’s safety changed the end game. Speaking of manning up, Obama waffled and wiggled with Lauer. Doritos ad guy my man, where’s the cat, Mr. Brindle Great Dane? Clint. Meanwhile, did Bates kill his wife?

Movie Bowl

SuperBowl weekend. Summary of films we’ve been watching, waiting for the big game. Finally saw The Help. It turned out to be the cliche I feared Hollywood would create. Either the book wasn’t as good as I remember, or the screenplay was mediocre. Maybe a little of both. This cements my decision not to see the American version of Tatoo Girl. Really enjoyed Ides of March. Perfect for political junkies. MoneyBall and MarginCall on top of my list. So far, nothing totally Oscar-worthy. Pitt and Clooney. Not complaining.

SuperBowl recap: Joey3 picked GreenBay, then SanFran, now Pats 27-Giants 23. My 2012 prediction from January 3 still stands. Take it all to the bank. Madonna and commercials reviews encouraged and expected. Happy SuperSunday!

Side Trek 2012 Predictions

MR squared. Mitt Romney-Marco Rubio Ticket.
Obama ‘wags the dog’. Iran.
Ron Paul dukes it out with Donald Trump for Third Party run.
Callista Gingrich’s hair moves. Newt cries in ecstasy.
Brad Pitt wins an Oscar. He and Angie split.
CBS Rose-King Morning Show bombs. Willie Geist takes over.
MadMen and Downton Abbey best TV of the year.
Mika and Joe have a love child named Barnacle.
Patriots lose to Giants in the Superbowl.
Tiger wins a major. CandyPantsOpen happens.
Market closes flat, same as this year. Around 12,000.
Mayans just got tired of calendars. The world will not end.