Movie Bowl

SuperBowl weekend. Summary of films we’ve been watching, waiting for the big game. Finally saw The Help. It turned out to be the cliche I feared Hollywood would create. Either the book wasn’t as good as I remember, or the screenplay was mediocre. Maybe a little of both. This cements my decision not to see the American version of Tatoo Girl. Really enjoyed Ides of March. Perfect for political junkies. MoneyBall and MarginCall on top of my list. So far, nothing totally Oscar-worthy. Pitt and Clooney. Not complaining.

SuperBowl recap: Joey3 picked GreenBay, then SanFran, now Pats 27-Giants 23. My 2012 prediction from January 3 still stands. Take it all to the bank. Madonna and commercials reviews encouraged and expected. Happy SuperSunday!

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  1. Several people have told me that they really like the American version of
    “Tatoo”. Both had seen the Swedish version as well. Probably a cultural thing. Someone could probably do a doctoral dissertation on it! We liked The Descendants and Tinker, Tailor…


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