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First book review of 2012. The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje. I don’t like cats and I didn’t like his novel, The English Patient, but… check out the Books page.

So far, my clicker’s not stuck on CBS in the morning. Charlie Rose, Newt Gingrich, Bob Schieffer, Bill Plante, lots of tired-looking old white guys at 7. Gayle King with Melissa Etheridge, Juliana Margulies pimping her CBS show at 8. Geez, what’s new or cool about this? Back to Mika and Morning Joe.

Downton Abbey returns under a somber hue during World War I, brutal yet true. The war’s impact on Britain’s daily life is poignantly portrayed at Downton. Compression of the classes begins at the expense of a lost generation of men.

MadMen again March 25. Too long.

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  1. yup thought new CBS “Mornin” Show was a big Zzzzzzzzzz, Was hoping for something to replace the tired Today Show but back to MSNBC and Joe too or maybe reruns of BRAVO in the AM.


  2. The networks would do well to follow the Joe and Mika format with better quality people and more frequent guest changes–the CBS show is really bad. . On the bright side, Bill Moyers is coming back to PBS, and maybe they’ll bring back “Now”–Need to Know was another news failure.
    You make The Cat’s Table sound pretty interesting, I’ll put it on the list.


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