Morning Low

Baseball. Joe Girardi?! Why. World Series. Cool second game. Homeruns galore. And. More of the same. Gold chains. Chewing. Expectorating. Yeah. Gross. Not as yukky as harassment claims against Mark Halperin of Game Change. The Circus. And. Morning Joe.

As Shark Kevin O’Leary said today to Megyn Kelly, the financial services industry has consequences for these actions, so it is rare in that sector. It wasn’t in my day. Bottom line, if you are someone’s boss, of any gender, don’t hit on them of any gender. It’s a power thing.

Ironic fact: Mark Halperin’s mother is Ina Weinstein.

Diamond Ceiling

It’s 2017. 21st century. Yet. Women are still giddy when a man asks them to get engaged. Gets down on one knee. Gives her a diamond ring. Hmmm. Wonder why men are still considered the ruling gender. For example. How can anyone take seriously Mika who gives seminars to career women to “know your value”, when she giggily adores her co-host/lover Joe every morning. Then. Swoons like a schoolgirl when he “asks” her to get married? Like. It’s not 1970.

But. The larger point is – shouldn’t partners discuss their future plans together?! Equal value? Guess that “diamond” ceiling will not be broken soon.


Moral outrage. Righteous indignation. All of a sudden cable news is shocked at Trump’s racist comments. Calling for Republican leadership to denounce him and pull their endorsements. Hypocrisy on steroids. These are the same people who looked the other way when he called for a Muslim ban. Dodged David Duke. While covering every Donald rally 24/7. Trotting over to Trump Tower to kiss his ring. Giving him free time when he called in to every show on a daily basis. Most specious offenders. Mika & Joe. Ratings trumped racism. They still will.

Back Roads Thoughts

First book review of 2012. The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje. I don’t like cats and I didn’t like his novel, The English Patient, but… check out the Books page.

So far, my clicker’s not stuck on CBS in the morning. Charlie Rose, Newt Gingrich, Bob Schieffer, Bill Plante, lots of tired-looking old white guys at 7. Gayle King with Melissa Etheridge, Juliana Margulies pimping her CBS show at 8. Geez, what’s new or cool about this? Back to Mika and Morning Joe.

Downton Abbey returns under a somber hue during World War I, brutal yet true. The war’s impact on Britain’s daily life is poignantly portrayed at Downton. Compression of the classes begins at the expense of a lost generation of men.

MadMen again March 25. Too long.