Drag On

Year of the water dragon. Black. Volatile. Strong. Will a fiery year ensue? Obama calls for unity once again, still an appealing theme. His personality is what differentiates him from Zzzomney and the Grinch as Repub debates drag on. Madden-esque mud fest at Candlestick. Could’ve gone either way in OT. Sloppy defensive slog. Brady lucky he didn’t go into OT, slithering into another SB. Neither win felt triumphant. Grandson with dog collar ad hilarious.

Books Page. The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton- Elizabeth Speller. World War I, its human toll depicted at Easton Manor, as with Downton Abbey this season. Nostalgic nod to Elaine’s from forgotten photo archives.

Recipe Detours. Alison’s roasted asparagus with pan sautéed hake. Finally fun to cook again. Distractions from Grinch and Zzzomney. But hey, Obama can sing.

The State of Our Union depends on the State of the European Union in the coming year. Davos discussions by that 1% will make it clear.

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