Worldwide JAM

No. Not Trump Tower & Times Square traffic at Christmastime. Nor gridlock in government. It’s the new global economic reality. Coined in the U.K.  JAM = Just About Managing. Families who are living paycheck to paycheck. Just getting by. At best. Brexit voters and Theresa May. France’s LePen backers. Italian anti-Renzi renegades. Trumpsters in the U.S.A.

It’s the economy all the way. Class stratification across ethnic, political and ideological labels. There were lots of non-white faces at that Carrier plant in Indiana. Get it elite donor class? Leave your safe spaces. Understand the working-class voters. It’s a new day.

Too Big To Manage

Glass-Steagall resurrection won’t heal the banking system. Segregating commercial and investment entities never worked. Senior executives were always able to peer over the so-called Chinese wall. Amalgamations have caused unwieldy national behemoths.

Incompetence at the top. Incestuous Boards. Obscene compensation assured. Cue Stumpf. Wells Fargo’s dufey CEO. Typical of the genre. Isolated from business units. De-centralized disparate cultures left to their own devices. By the time the OCC gets involved at least 5 years of fraudulent practices to rein in. Fire a bunch of low-level guys as a PR stunt.

Too big to manage. Too big to fail.

Brexit’s Fallout

With Britain out of the EU there is no strong leader to thwart a nationalistic tide and corral an economy in decline. Angela Merkel confronts a shaky election season, with Euro quaking. Wage stagnation, quantitative easing under fire, Bundesbank v. ECB portends a floppy future. As Janet Yellen grapples with interest rate decisions, sub-zero seems silly over there. Yet. What are we facing here? The prospects for weak leadership and a growing sentiment for nationalism.

Quantitative Resistance

Quantitative easing no longer works. Central Banks and The Fed have run out of pills for an arcane anemic global economy. Interest rates are at 0%. Sub-zero is not a fix to stimulate. Neither Cialis nor Viagra. It’s back to basics. Bump and grind. But, how and what? Robots replacing assembly lines. Retail on life support. Replacement therapy necessary.

Topsy Turvy

President Obama trashes Trump during State of the Union. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley also trashes Trump during her Republican Response.

Ted Cruz criticizes Trump for having New York values. Jeb Bush makes fun of Rubio’s Cuban high heeled boots. Trump says Cruz is a Cuban-Canadian.

Bernie Sanders, a 74-year old Socialist from Vermont who sounds like Larry David is beating Hillary with Democrat youth. Hillary is sending out Chelsea as her new attack dog. Bill Cosby took hubby off the table.

Oil is below $30 a barrel. PowerBall is over $1 billion.

Hillary Leans In

On ISIS, Hillary displayed a tougher tone than the President’s yesterday. More Margaret Thatcher-esque. A lean to the right to assure Americans in an atmosphere of fear. Don’t watch HomeLand this year.

In today’s New York Times Op-Ed on Reining In Wall Street, she leans left to address the Warren-Sanders wing. Risk fees, independent regulators, too big to jail, compensation hits to CEO’s. All pander well to OWS. But, broken record alert. My comment on her column continues an insider belief that only if regulators are rewarded financially the same as Wall Street market-makers can there be a real change. The Times picked my view.

Snow Blog

It must be December. Snow globe has appeared on the blog. If not in our town, then in Dr.Husband’s Shelburne Center photo header. Holidays must be upon us. Real flakes can take a break until after Christmas eggnog.

Joey3Sticks has bet many ranches on the Pats and now owns the Ponderosa. Broncos did indeed pullout an overtime flurry win. And Gronk is out. When will NFL Fox Sunday not have to spend half the hour on Jay Glazer’s injury report?

Nationalism’s Global Spread. Buy Local. As protectionists gain popularity and power in Europe and Canada, Trumpistas here at home, invest in products made in the U.S.A. It’s a trend. Do the research, though.