Table’s Turn

Ending the year on an up-note. Family trek to New York produced several excellent dining experiences. The best was Ciano on Park Avenue South, a few blocks from our still favorite hotel, The Giraffe. Ciano has a farmhouse cozy warm ambience with fresh simple fare. Monkfish loin, Berkshire pork tenderloin succulent, cooked perfectly. Wine “program” a little much and it’s pricey, but worth it for a change. Lure remains our consistently fun FishBar stop in SoHo.

Enjoyed a quintessential bistro steak frites lunch with Betsey, who savored every morsel at Bourdain’s original Les Halles. Earlier lunch attempts at Zinc in New Haven and Alta in Lenox less satisfying, but nice just to be together with family and friends over the holidays. Happy healthy New Year to all SideTrekkers.

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Hudson’s Edge

  Windswept Hudson River’s Edge. Clinton, Hudson Yards, Hell’s Kitchen Trek. Circle Line, cruise ships, helicopters launch. Busses, carriages, trains sleep. Back stage bustle to Manhattan’s main show. Photo by B.L. His view.

Ink48 Hotel has huge windows to see city and Ogilvy on 11th Avenue. Trendy crowds, too loud. 10th Avenue’s freeze is thawing with some cozy boites. 44X is a Hell’s Kitchen oasis. Behind the scenes people, sophisticated palates. Clear cross-town on 1st Avenue good morning fare and fond friends at Cafe Luka. Back home, the only team I can’t root for against New England? Dallas.

TrekBooks review- Rules of Civility.

1 Rm Riv Vu

Hudson River and City from 25th Floor. Congrats to Ben on his new home! Doorman, pool, tennis courts, gym, roof deck. Just a coupla blocks from work. It’s good to be Ben. He’s earned it.

More SanFran Buzz. Northampton’s former Circa owner, Dane Boryta’s new restaurant Bottle Cap is slated to open in a week at the site of Ed Moose’s old ‘WashBag‘ in North Beach. See Travel Treks for more Bay Area Treks. Last night Jack asked if Repubs will go light on social issues in order to win in 2012. He read what C. said.   Can we finally kiss that weiner goodbye?

May Beary

Home from a wonderful week in New York. Grad glow indulged. I’m a proud Mama Bear, what can I say?
Re-entry. Started A.S. Byatt’s, The Children’s Book. Cubistic Carroll-esque journey, but I digress.

So, I’m quietly reading on the porch, and look up to see Goldilocks’ family crossing the street! We don’t live in Manhattan, but geez. Where’s my banjo? Mama took her cubs to play in our back yard. It’s a Mama moment.
And Dr. Dad’s wonderful photos, of course.

Ben Meets Frank

When Ben Levine was invited to sit in on a New York Times editorial board meeting yesterday, he ran into a familiar looking guy. Frank Rich. “Frank” asked what brought him to the meeting. Ben told “Frank” that he was the Editorial Board Chair of NYU’s newspaper.  “Frank” said, “oh, the Washington Square News!” Ben was surprised and impressed and had a great time sitting in on the meeting- found the discussions to be heady and educational. Outsiders are rarely invited to the ‘Times’ inner sanctum, so quite a coup.

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ETrek Theater, Sightings, Lunch

Liberty Square Review:  NY- “Time Stands Still”, Donald Margulies’ play about an Iraq war-torn couple features Laura Linney and Brian d’Arcy James.  They struggle with the psychological and physical toll of their experiences, as Alicia Silverstone, a “spritely” girlfriend of their friend, steals the show.

Sightings- Joey “Three Sticks” at Via Quadronno on 73rd and Mad, sipping wine with his lovely companion and a high profile criminal attorney during the blizzard Wednesday afternoon… a prominent insurance lawyer from Springfield recently dining at Commerce in the West Village with a lively group… local Judge & real estate exec canoodling on St. John…AND a very happy bday to the “hottest” business magnate in San Francisco

Movies:  Word is that Benicio del “Lobo” will cause nightmares for weeks in the new “Wolfman” remake.

From the frig, Zucchini “Cordon Bleu”: (sort of), for lunch:  See Recipe Detours.

CandyPants(on the Ground)Rant:  Why all these new commercials featuring old people with big bellies in 50’s underwear?  eeeeuuuu