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How does Santorum’s sweep change Republican race? “Anybody but Romney. Connecting and charisma are not in his DNA. Compared to Mitt, Barack seems like Mr. Warmth.” JackCaff last night. Morning Joe, Ralph Reed. Really? Regression therapy. Pro-life until there is a life born. Then let them eat cake.

Hot eateries in Manhattan to date: Joey3 @ Sandro’s, Cafe Boulud, Upper East. Melba’s Harlem for Alicat’s bday. With mAdBen @ West Bank, 42nd & 9th. Betsey fete soon @ Lincoln Center Ristorante. PrezO will be @ ABC Kitchen on March 1, to test the food and give us a review for our March 8 lunch there.

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  1. ate at Cafe Boulud during Restaurant Week last month and it was truly spectacular- 3 course lunch for $ 27.04 in NYC.
    Friend just went to Lincoln and raved. My aunt loves Sandros. Can’t wait for March 8 “learning our ABCs”.


  2. Yay, that should have been passed a long time ago. As to anybody but Romney… Obviously neither one of us is going to vote for the Republican candidate, but really… Santorum is one scary dinosaur. no actually, esta


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