Kristmas Krackers

IMG_1398Is that a lightsaber? No. It’s this season’s hit. The selfie stick. On the porch. Kraklin’ fire. On Kristmas Eve no less. Sixty degrees. We’ll take it!

Cuzins took over Colitti Christmas this year. They devised a new tradition of giving gifts to each other and dubbed it “Secret Grandma.” Conjuring re-imagined treasures from her cellar, a new era of mirth, heart and soul. From Jamison to Jake. A legacy worthy of its creator. IMG_8044IMG_8040


2 Replies to “Kristmas Krackers”

  1. That’s awesome!!! I thought Gary was holding a light saber at first. Looks like we missed a fun night!! We had one of our own but nothing beats a Christmas Eve in Noho. Star Wars force awakens lived up to the hype and then some. Absolutely riveting. Reminded me of the original. Quirky, cheesy. All perfect. OT started literally as Star Wars did and came out of the flick wondering what the hell happened. Now I know. What was Belichik thinking?


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