NYTimes Picks 2015

It’s no secret. I have a lot to say. Back Roads Thoughts on water, guns, Wall Street, politics, ISIS, gender. Sometimes the New York Times likes my comments on its articles and columns. Here are the ones they picked this year:

Michael Buckley. Damming Tibet’s Rivers.  3/30/15
David Brooks. Rubio-Fiorina Option.  9/18/15
Frank Bruni. Hillary Clinton’s Debate Magic. 10/13/15
Frank Bruni. Scary Ted Cruz. 10/21/15
Roger Cohen. To Save Paris, Defeat ISIS. 11/14/21
Frank Bruni. War on ISIS.  11/21/15
News Story. 14 Dead in Mass Shooting. San Bernardino. 12/3/15
Op-Ed by Hillary Clinton. Reining in Wall Street.  12/7/15
Politics. Moms & Daughters Debate Gender Issue.  12/13/15

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