Mom Weekend

Weekend in Manhattan. 5-star Broadway play. Lobster. Sun. Son. Especially son. Best Mother’s Day. Central Park. Blissful getaway.


The Realistic Joneses. Fatalistically familiar. Giggled for hours after. Will Eno wrote a modern day Godot meets Gonzo. It spoke to my inner voices. That’s good. Well… Toni Collette & Tracy Letts epitomized long-married dynamics in crisis. Marisa Tomei stole the heart of the piece with her languished anguished random musings. Flawless comedic timing. Michael C. Hall’s non sequiturs held the most truth. An experienced cast enhanced a beautifully written play about life and free restaurant mints.

Photo by: Ben Levine


3 thoughts on “Mom Weekend

  1. Extra bonus on MD to see Carol and Ben for a “walk-by” in Central Park today.
    Thxx for making the sidetrek to the Eastside.


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