Jimmy in the Park

The Tonight Show in Central Park. Amazing how much stuff it takes to put on a TV show outdoors. So humid today that the walk was like completing hot yoga. Drippy clothes.

Hope they have fans tonight. Jimmy Fallon. Blake Lively. Carrie Underwood. People were already lining up before noon. The show itself was silly. Sitting at his desk in front of a huge crowd.


Looked out the window last Friday. As “Gladys” does. And who do I see? Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw walking their dog across the street. They have a flat in the San Remo. Beats looking at Mrs. Dork in her purple bathrobe next door in Flo.

Then today on our usual Central Park rotation, came upon a filming crew. For YOU. An upcoming thriller for Lifetime. Shay Mitchell is in the chair getting makeup done to look like she’s been hit on the head with a rock. She of Pretty Little Liars fame. Apparently. 

Et Tu America?

Timely. Tragedy. Irony. Shakespeare lives. For good or ill. Past is prologue.

A Tempest brewing?.

Love trumps Trump hate and anti-Trump hate.


Delacorte. Central Park.

Peace Out Side

fountainBethesda Fountain just a few footsteps away from home. On International Day of Peace. 45th Anniversary Imagine release. John Lennon and his guitar by the Central Park bandshell for a day. Hard to capture without a helicopter. imagine2