Newtown Opposes Military Assault Weapons. Ban rifles rigged for maximum mass carnage. This is a cause that could change the culture as MADD did. Families of victims of Sandy Hook are the only ones who have the right to start such a movement. It’s too soon, now. An idea for the future. A new lobby to be formed by all affected by automatic gun murders to counter the NRA. There is no reason to have access to ammunition clips that can kill 20 kids in 2 minutes. No more.

And another thing. Get the media out of Newtown. Enough already.

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  1. Media definitely needs to get out of Newtown! The” We are better than this” campaign, though, has many families affected by Aurora, Arizona, Virgina Tech, Columbine etc etc etc signed on already. How sad that there are so many more families to add on to this long overdue action. There are petitions to sign on to at, as well as writing to congressman and senators. Truly enough already!


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